Hosein Ghazian,

is an Iranian sociologist who is working as theorist, commentator, researcher, and author. You can find his lectures, academic papers and his books in media. ▫️He is here as an artist and photographer that interested in abstract and social photography, his points of view on photography are totally Abstract, vague and full of pun points and ambiguity, unlike his clear and precise point of view in sociology subjects. He Wants to oblige people like the viewer to take part in understanding the meaning of each picture. It seems he is presenting more than the ordinary photo shooting, like as experience a Mind- Blowing meditation in creating art pieces. Abstract art gives him free mind to present his work on a side, and people could have different notions toward each picture on the other side. He puts his emphasis on the “light”, “reflection”, and “shadows”, he has his own ways to show movements of light and points. His purpose of photography is for his viewers to take part in appreciating and understanding the “Piece of Art”, and thus, we can find abstract art's trace on his photos. Anyway, you encounter photos here that come from the sociologist eyes, in a different way of talking with you.

He is living in United States .

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